Reasons a Sarnie is better than your O/H
  • Reasons a Sarnie is better than your O H

    Reasons a Sarnie is better than your O/H

      Not much beats a good vegan sandwich - with a soup and bag of crisps. Perhaps hummus and char-grilled veggies or dairy free cream cheese and avocado, a simple peanut butter or even a toasted dairy free cheese and pickle.... And yes, your boyfriend or girlfriend is great and a lovely per[...]

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    Celebrity Chefs 10 Top Tips On Reducing Food Waste

    A survey in to the issue of Food Waste, conducted by the European Commission at the Good Food Show in Birmingham, has revealed that whilst consumers are aware of this spiralling issue and are taking some action to reduce the amount of food they waste in the home, consumers still do not fe[...]

  • TAM ETA REVEYA Vine Tomato Satay   VeggieVision.TV VeggieVision.TV

    TAM ETA REVEYA Vine Tomato Satay

    SERVES 4  Masala 1-3 fresh green chillies (ideally Kenyan), trimmed  but not de-seeded 2-4 cloves of garlic, soaked and peeled 4cm root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped pinch of salt 150g red-skinned  (unroasted, unsalted)  peanuts,  finely chopped or blended 25g j[...]

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    Shining Heroine World Awards

      Karin was thrilled to be filmed for SMTV and to have won a Shining Heroine Award for her work for veganism. "I have the beautiful award on my desk and the letter from the Supreme Master Ching Hai in my office. I am still amazed that I won this."[...]

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    Viva! La Vegan Chain Revolution

    VV TV Star Blogger Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley :) In the last nine months, no less than NINE new vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes opened in Viva!’s back yard: Bristol. This is an illustration of the excitement and change that is happening nationwide – vegan is in! Vegan is[...]