Karin Ridgers
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How long you have been vegan/ Veggie

Hmmmm about 15 years veggie and 10 vegan.

Why vegan/ veggie

I realised what it was I was eating and suddenly everything made sense! Why on earth do we eat animal products when we don’t need too!

Presenting/ acting experience / other interesting stuff you do

All on www.karinridgers.tv !

Favourite Food

A super fresh, raw salad with spinach, pineapple, nuts, tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, avocado and another other veggies – other than celery. Yuk.

With some flaxseed crackers and some raw dip.

On one of my delicious green smoothies -water, banana, spinach, pineapple, macca… and more.

Favourite way to chill out

What does chill out mean?!

I do love to read, passionate about personal development and taking time with my lovely son Callum and hubby Glyn.


Perfect date

A picnic on a sunny day.

Going to the theatre.

Filming and chatting to likeminded interesting people.

Cooking something new.

Me time writing and reading.

A date at a park with my son Calluum.


Who inspires you and why

Tony Robbins theAmerican Peak Performance Coach. Just love him.

Your website if you have one




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